From supplier of the royal court of Württemberg to innovative chemical company. PFINDER has over 50 years’ experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of equipment used in penetrant and magnetic-particle testing.

 As a partner, operating via a worldwide network of more than 70 production sites, of many automotive companies, our products are successfully used both by large-scale suppliers to the sector and by industry as a whole.

   Green NDT - PFINDER´s sustainability campaign

   stands for the consideration of  work saftey, environmental impact
   and costs as criteria of equal imprtance in the development process
   of consumables for the penetrant- and magnetic particle testing.
  Join our Benefits and choose PFINDER Products. Users have now
  the opportunity  to make conscious and wise decisions:
  For modern PT/MT products, sustainable work and future-proof processes.

Consumables for penetrant and magnetic-particle testing

- Development, manufacturing, sales and service: All under one roof
- Expertise based on more than 50 years’ experience
- Worldwide availability

When it comes to the procedures referred to colloquially as “crack testing”, “surface checks”, “fluxing” or “red dye penetrant testing”, PFINDER can supply the right product for virtually any requirement:

 Standards-compliant, cost-optimised, environment-friendly

PFINDER also supplies, in addition to its non-destructive testing products, a powerful range of corrosion-prevention items. For further details, please go to www.pfinder.de.

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