Green NDT

Operators of penetrant and magnetic-particle testing consumables are increasingly focusing on the use of non-labelled, environment-friendly products.

The European Union REACH regulation, which is now fully in force, specifies the use of new CLP-compliant labelling designed to raise consumer awareness regarding the presence of chemicals with reduced risk for the user and less impact on the environment.

PFINDER’s constant further development of its testing consumables is designed to meet these requirements in full, while conserving the company’s tried-and-tested quality and performance.

As a pioneer in the use of readily biodegradable penetrants, PFINDER has over 20 years’ experience of making a particularly user-friendly and environmentally sustainable contribution to the economy.

Pfinder was in fact the first ever manufacturer of penetrant and magnetic-particle testing consumables to consider the CO2 balance of the most widely used NDT consumables, with a view to minimising their impact on the environment. This allows users to make decisions not only on the basis of technical and economic criteria, but also regarding the reduction of possible environmental effects.