Minimize your Carbon Footprint

PFINDER is working in collaboration with atmosfair, a non-profit organisation based in Bonn (Germany), on reducing the climate-changing effects of NDT products.

atmosfair is dedicated to active climate protection based on the balancing and avoidance of, and compensation for, CO2 emissions.

Compensation cannot solve the climatic problem, because it does not change the actual sources of CO2. It is however a good second-best approach to apply in the current absence of an optimum solution to the issue.

A key part of PFINDER’s approach to the pre-emptive reduction of CO2 emissions is the provision of proactive advice to users of testing products regarding alternative application techniques (i.e. instead of aerosol cans), and the application of biodegradability to various PFINDER testing products in an effort to avoid the use of energy-intensive waste-water treatment technologies.

The aerosol can packaging format creates three-and-a-half times more CO2 emissions than products supplied in other containers (canisters/barrels). Special application technologies can partly eliminate the need for aerosol cans, without affecting ease of handling or quality. The corresponding financial investment can also pay for itself, depending on the type of application, within the first year of use.