NDT Technical Center

PFINDER can justifiably claim to be a customer-oriented organisation, both now and in the future. This is supported by our NDT laboratory, with its extensive technological facilities.

Our NDT technical center allows us, for example, to simulate test procedures in advance and then optimise those that are under way. These simulations can be carried out as a battery of onsite tests, and also successfully applied to existing test procedures, with often surprising cost-savings.

Our NDT technical center also tries out our new products and further developments of existing ones on the basis of extensive trials and long-term tests. This guarantees that our products will always meet your operational needs in the best possible way.


Using our NDT technical center

The wide-ranging possibilities offered by our NDT technical center are at your full disposal. Please contact us.

Although contract testing services does not form part of our range of services. We will be pleased to refer you to our competent partners as required in this respect.