Discharging into Severage

Washing waters of the rinsing process, containing our penetrants of the series PFINDER 800 and PFINDER 900 can be discharged directly into the sewer system. Due to their complete biodegradability no pre-treatment is required. NB: Release of local authorities necessary. Hereby process costs will be reduced significantly:

  •  No investment for waste water treatment system (ultrafiltration, evaporator, active carbon filters etc.)
  • No disposal costs (loaded active carbon, mineral oil containing retentates)
  • Lower running costs (no power consumption of waste water treatment)
  • No costs for maintenance and spare parts

This is shown daily in numerous cases of serial applications at our customer’s plants. E.g. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen and the foundries and forges of the supplying industry.

Benefits for existing as well as for newly planned processes:

The mentioned benefits can be realised easily during the planning of a new penetrant testing process. All investments for any internal waste water treatments become redundant.
Investment cost examples for waste water treatment technologies:

  • Active carbon filration: from 10.000 Euro
  • Ultrafiltration: from 50.000 Euro
  • Evaporator: from 75.000 Euro

Changing pays off: Due to extensive running costs of waste water treatment systems the change to PFINDER penetrant testing consumables is profitable as well at existing testing lines. Cost savings of more than 10.000 Euro per year can be achieved easily in smaller testing facilities. Running costs of more than 100.000 Euro per year are saved often in serial application sites.

Please, do not hesitate to ask us: We would be pleased to check your processes to determine potentials of cost reductions.