Advantages of the Method

  • Fast and safe Method
  • Detection of very fine surface defects possible
  • widely insensitivity regarding surface geometry
  • widely insensitivity of surface roughness and microstructure
  • usable in stationary and mobile test units
  • Indicates are immediately visible

Generally the magnetic particle testing is deemed as one of the most sensitive surface testing method within non-destructive testing.

General Procedure

A ferromagnetic material becomes magnetized by using magnetic fields which are artificially created.

During the magnetization of the material, a test liquid with magnetizable particles will be applied on the whole surface of the work piece.

These magnetic powder or particles are accumulating on surface defects which are open to the surface. Due to the color contrast between the magnetic particles and the background of the work piece surface, surface defects are getting clearly visible and can be detected and documented.

Such an indication is purely quantitative. Therefore it is very difficult to make a clear statement about the real shape and size.